Crowdfunding for The Scene

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We are raising $20,000 to build an app that will curate your perfect outing. 

We are raising $20,000 to build an app that will curate your perfect outing. Sign up to receive updates on our crowdfunding journey. 

The facts

​35,000+ restaurants in NYC

Keywording technology reduces search to 2 minutes

Receive a list for all the places that fit your scene

The goal 

The value

Curation of the best places in the city, hidden and new


a selection that best fits your needs for $8/ month. No need for a black card concierge. 

We want to raise $20,000 for the iOS, Android and website app. This first version of our service would have the keywording technology and leads you to your curated recommendations plus a few other amazing features that bring a community factor to The Scene. 

The process

You'd pick some basic keywords from a selection and the app would curate your recommendations accordingly.


Step 1: 

Pick an outing type 

Step 2: 

Pick a vibe 

Step 3: 

Go ahead with some final details such as cuisine, area and budget preferences

Step 4: 

Voila we've curated your perfect scene with some locations that best fit your preferences and included COVID 19 Safety Regulations for each one. 

The rewards 

We have some really cool, fun rewards for you on our campaign page - like seriously! Whether you're into our idea and live and breathe that New Yorker lifestyle or live somewhere else and would like to get to know your city a bit better or maybe you're driven human who wants to learn more about marketing or hey maybe you simply want to meet our founder.. we have all scenarios covered here.

Low key feelin it

We are offering a bunch of rewards where you can get a taste of our services such as a one time complete personalized curation experience


If you're high key into us come be a VIP: we have tons of rewards where you can purchase our long term concierge services for the highest tier and receive invites to our coveted events in the future.

World domination

Maybe you want to travel post COVID and or maybe you live somewhere else and want a curated list of places for your city - we have city lists for 8 different places in the world which include all the best restaurants, bars, etc. for each one.

Marketing Guru

Want to learn about SEO or social media marketing? We got you - our founder is kinda a marketing wiz and book a sesh with her to build your personal brand/ business.

Start your biz

We've been there and we want to help. We have some great rewards where you can book sessions to help you start out your biz.


Truly, your support here would mean the world - these baby steps will be helping The Scene grow into the amazing experience curator we all need. 

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