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Our pre launch services

Our pre launch services include our monthly membership with unlimited personalized recommendations. Each recommendation is curated by one of our lifestyle experts, with each and every one of your specifications in mind. 

How to apply for a membership and get your recommendations

Sign up if you're interested in joining The Scene

We'll send you an email to get to know you a little better, before your membership is approved.

Once your membership is approved, you're all set. You'll receive our recommendations form which you can fill out as and when needed.

Much like a concierge service, we'll always be there to assist you. Feel free to DM us or email us at any point as well.

What do we curate recommendations for?

Pretty much any type of social outing

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Due to COVID - 19, we currently do not offer clubbing recommendations. In addition, we ensure all the locations we do recommend include some COVID - 19 safety measures.

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