Our founder, Ridhima, grew up in India and Singapore. Her entire life has been consumed by constant travel and #catchingflightsnotfeelings. Her life in New York started at the age of 17 as a NYU freshman, as she was edging to find a city she could finally make her home and New York certainly had its charm.
As she started exploring the city, going out and experiencing what the city that never sleeps has to offer, she soon became the lifestyle curator for her entire sorority. When people that didn't even know her started reaching out to plan their evenings and outings, things got a bit crazy. One day her friends suggested she should turn this into a service. Enter: The Scene. 
Our founder's vision for The Scene was to eliminate a lot of the troubles New York's social mix currently has:
  • Not knowing what the "vibe" at a location is going to be 
  • Being surprised (and often not pleasantly) by certain aspects of the location such as pricing or music, or walking out because it's not a good fit 
  • Going to the same 4 places, because you are too overwhelmed by the choices or the risk of spending your limited at a new location that doesn't meet your expectations
  • Not finding your exact lifestyle mix
  • The immense amount of time and research and find new spots that work for you or to simply plan a nice evening
New York has so much to offer and she wanted to connect people to these unknown experiences that are actually perfect for them, in an easy and instant way. 
At 24, she has now lived in the city for 7 years and is currently doing her Master's at NYU. Though she is our founder, her part time job continues to be "Curator in Chief' for all her friends and family. She has what she calls "the event planning gene"  and she is quite simply obsessed with creating the perfect moment for the perfect person. New York has provided the quintessential backdrop to make this dream come into reality.
The Scene is not only New York's baby, but also hers.