Currently we offer pre launch services, with an app in the making. Through our offerings aim to create a personalized lifestyle service for your day to day choices. Much like a skillful concierge, our app will plan & curate the best possible experiences for you.

We are also crowdfunding to raise for our app. Click here if you'd like to learn more.

How many times have you had a beyond average night out when we were looking for something exciting?

How many times have you spent way too many dollars at a location that didn’t even meet half your expectations?

How many times have you spent way too much time trying to plan the perfect night out?

NYC has so much to offer - its time we showed up at the right spot for us, for our expectations, for our vibe and for that moment. Enter The Scene.

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The Scene takes all the work out of planning your perfect outing. It’s like a concierge service for your life! Here’s how it works:

  • Choose a day and an event type.

  • Answer some simple questions about your preferred vibe, activities, budget, location and cuisine.

  • Sit back and let The Scene do the work! We’ll get busy putting together 3 or more recommendations for your perfect night.

So Simple, right?

"I see the app being this aspirational space - I am really really excited about it and I can definitely see myself using it like every week"

- Sara, 28

"This is amazing - it's what we've been missing this whole time. It's going to eliminate FOMO".

- Khyati, 23

Our Story

Our founder, Ridhima, grew up in India and Singapore. Her entire life has been consumed by constant travel and #catchingflightsnotfeelings.

Her life in New York started at the age of 17 as a NYU freshman. She was looking for a city she could finally make her home and New York certainly had its charm.

​As she started exploring what the city that never sleeps has to offer, she quickly became the lifestyle curator for her entire sorority. When even strangers started reaching out to to her to plan their evenings and outings, things got a bit crazy. That’s when her friends suggested she should turn this into a service.

Enter: The Scene